Christmas Without You ~ a poem for anyone who’s missing a loved one

I wrote this poem tonight for my mom & family. After losing several family members this year, my family and I will be missing our loved ones. I hope this poem encourages all who are missing a loved one too.



This Christmas I’ll be without you

And with all of my might I will try

To keep the Merry in Christmas

But all the money in the world cannot buy

The thing that my heart most yearns for

Is the very thing my heart is denied

For what I want most for Christmas is YOU

It feels like a part of my heart has died

Life hasn’t been the same without you

Ever since the day you left earth

Days once filled with your love and value

Now seem to have lost their worth

How I wish you could be here for Christmas

To open the presents with us by the tree

I so miss all our special traditions

I’d give anything for you to be here with me

But God had higher plans for you

And your new life in heaven began

I know you’d want us to be happy

We’re truly trying the best that we can

This Christmas, you’ll be missed more than ever

And, yes, I’m sure there will be some tears

But, as I reflect on the truest meaning of Christmas, I’ll find joy and thank God for the years

The years we were blessed to have and enjoy you

I’ll treasure our best memories although we’re apart

And realize though you’re no longer with us

You’ll always and forever be in my heart

I hope you know how much we miss and love you

How great in heaven must be your reward

Although we’ll miss you terribly this Christmas

How blessed to know you’re spending Christmas with our Lord

There will one day be a Christmas

Where together at Home we’ll never part

Merry Christmas our dear, treasured loved one

Until that day, I’ll hold you in my heart


©2022 Kim Niles/Grief Bites. All rights reserved.

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