David B.

“We all suffer grief. It comes unbidden and unwelcome at the most inappropriate tmes and in the most challenging manners. Maybe your grandmother died a few days before Christmas. Or a child was diagnosed with facial tumors. Or your child’s friend died. Or two relatives on different sides of the family die on the same day. Or your marriage is crumbling. Or your sister’s fiance died. And then she became engaged again only to have another fiance die. On Easter Sunday. What if all of this happened to you within a few years? At the very least, it would feel like you got your breath knocked out of you. Niles has been there, done that, and so much more. If you want a gut-level grief counselor, read this book. If you need guidance in how to survive the most painful days of your life, read this book. If you want practical steps that will get you through the darkness and into the light, read this book. Niles’ book, Getting Your Breath Back After Life Knocks It Out of You, is an arm around the shoulder, a hand interlaced with your own, a heart that beats with yours. You have a friend who will journey with you toward healing and wholeness.”

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