Something Short & Valuable For Anyone Going Through A Hard Time

With the end of the year upon us, realize – truly ponder – the 7 following truths:

  1. You have great value. Tremendous value!
  2. The world would hold less value if you were no longer in it.
  3. Your loved ones are so very thankful you’re still here and pressing forward.
  4. It’s ok if all you accomplished this year was breathing and making it through the tough grief events you’re going through. Some years are filled with great accomplishments. Other times, a year filled with holding on, refocusing, and reflection is much needed.
  5. I’m proud of you for doing the hard grief work needed to eventually see better days.
  6. God loves you and deeply cares about you. Your life, as well as the life purpose God has given you, holds great value.
  7. This may be the worst chapter of your life…but your story isn’t over. Give God the remaining chapters of your life’s book and allow Him to write the rest of the story. Better days…even your best days…may be about to unfold in the future.

2021 … actually, 2020 and 2021 have been extraordinarily tough years for so many. Praying 2022 will hold much better times for everyone. With a fresh, new year, there are sure to be fresh, new possibilities.

Put in the work and the work will help put your life back together. Continue to learn and grow through the rest of this year, as well as the new one coming up.

If you have to go through it, you may as well grow through it.

Just like Pastor Rick Warren says: God never wastes a hurt. We need to resolve that we won’t waste any of our hurts either.

As we place all of the broken pieces of our heart and life into God’s more than capable hands – and love and trust Him – He’s faithful to redeem all of the heartache, anxiety, pain, and challenges we go through.

Praying for all who are hurting today!

Gratitude & many blessings,


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