The power of 5: Things To Think About

5 things that can change you:
1) Love
2) Grief/Loss
3) Betrayal
4) Someone believing in you
5) Having someone/something to live for

5 things to guard/never throw away:
1) Love
2) People who genuinely love you
3) Your word/your good name
4) Your potential/your life purpose
5) Your health (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, relational, etc)

5 things you can always be grateful for – no matter what:
1) God
2) Loved ones
3) Ability to positively change
4) Opportunity & ability to create opportunities
5) Memories & ability to create new memories

5 lasting things people leave once they’re gone:
1) Legacy
2) Reputation
3) Their love
4) Their personal investment in others’ lives
5) Their influence – good or bad – on their children, grandchildren, and on and on … how they loved, treated family, habits, beliefs, instructions, how they lived — all will be remembered and, often, repeated throughout generations …make your influence a good one

Things a person will regret at the end of their life:
Not pursuing, treating with care, or wisely handling each thing listed above. Each can make or break us…and, more importantly, the ones God entrusted to us

We all make choices. We all live with the choices we make.

Each day is a great day to continue to do, or start doing, what we lovingly ought to do.

Even if we’ve messed up.

Even if we need to apologize and make a situation right.

Even if it takes time to make amends and heal wounds.

We each need to do our part.

A hand has five fingers — may we always use these to point towards ourselves…to be useful in creating strong relationships…to be productive in creating loving marriages and families…to reach out to God for His grace to accomplish a lasting legacy.

We all run a race in life…the goal is to purpose to make it one God will be proud of in the end. One that your loved ones will find comfort in the end.

May we all be much more mindful of how our choices affect those we love most.

May our love be worthy enough of remembering.

May the memories we leave be sweet.

May we value what’s truly valuable.

May our choices leave a legacy worth repeating.

Above all, may everything we do honor God, our loved ones, and our life.


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