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How Can YOU Pay It Forward Today?

Today, I just got back from a very special person’s funeral. 

This amazing, beautiful lady helped my mom, siblings, and me right after my dad died, after a drunk driver hit my dad head-on…just a few hours before my parent’s wedding anniversary.

My sisters and I took ballet, tap, and jazz lessons from this phenomenal lady; my mom also took dance lessons from her when she was a child. 

My teacher was 99 years old, had visited 15 countries so she could bring fresh ideas to her dance studio, and was still teaching dance lessons a few months shy of her 100th birthday!

After my dad died, my dance teacher knew how hard losing my dad was to our family, but she encouraged my mom to keep us in dance lessons…she even told my mom she wanted to bless my sisters and me with a 50% discount off of our dance lessons for life.

I always wondered why she was always so wonderful to my mom, siblings, and me after my dad died.

Today, at her funeral, I found out why.

At the funeral, they told how my teacher had an extraordinarily hard life when she was young. They also shared how she, her 5 siblings, and parents lost their home (and everything else they owned) right after the Great Depression. 

A wonderful, kind lady saw how much her family was hurting, so she stepped in and helped my dance teacher to attend college.

I loved hearing that today!
For my teacher to have lost everything, she understood how my mom must’ve felt when she lost her “everything,”—so she stepped in and tried to alleviate our family’s pain, the same way someone had so kindly done for her years before. ❤️ 

Today, how can YOU pay it forward?

Who has helped you in life, or been there for you when you were down…or when you felt like you lost everything?

Who do you know that is going through a life struggle? How can you breathe encouragement into them? Who can you help bring back to life?

One day, we’re all going to die.

How do you want people to remember you?

I will ALWAYS remember my amazing dance teacher as someone who deeply loved my mom, my siblings, and me…and made a big difference in our lives.

Attending dance lessons helped me through my dad’s death, as I attended her classes several times each week for years.
She remained a treasured family friend —especially a very close friend to my mom— after we stopped taking dance lessons.

She and my mom had a very special friendship, exchanging birthday and Christmas presents as well as “I’m thinking of you” cards and gifts throughout the year. 

I’m beyond grateful God placed my dance teacher on my heart this past Christmas. I’ll always remember how her face lit up when I dropped off some fresh flowers at her house to tell her thank you for all she had done for my mother and us. The flowers brought her heart so much joy!

Today, what special family member or friend is God placing on your heart to reach out to?
Call them…don’t wait.

Take someone out for coffee…send someone a sweet card…do something extra special for someone…tell someone thanks!

You just never know when the chance to tell someone “thank you” or “I love you” will expire.

And, you never know what an incredible impact you’ll make!

How can YOU pay it forward today? ❤️ 

Gratitude & blessings,


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