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Living in the Moment

In life, we usually are either running TOWARDS our future or FROM our pasts…rarely are we truly living in the MOMENT, simply allowing God to mend and mold our hearts. 

And it’s easy to want to run away from grief, problems, issues, or circumstances. 

No matter what happens in life: illness or great health, betrayal or commitments, grief or favor, good times or bad times, success or failure, family/marital harmony or family/marital conflict, etc…ALL situations in life reveal so much about ourselves. 

Every situation reveals our level of commitment, love, and loyalty to God, our love, loyalty, and service to others, and ALL reveal our true character. 

EVERYTHING in life has the power to refine us, strengthen us, or weaken us—each shows us a true glimpse of our heart. 

It’s up to us to continually allow our hearts to be molded by God and allow Him to polish us up to shine for Him…in good times and bad. 

Sometimes being present in the moment is very difficult to do, but these moments can oftentimes be the times we look back on and realize that God accomplished the most in and through us. 

As we seek God’s heart and call on Him, we realize He has a great plan for our lives. He truly is worth seeking with our whole heart! 

What are you running from or towards today? Truly focus on simply being in the moment.

Run to God’s heart today, then rest in Him. He holds our past, present, and future in His hands so we truly can trust Him with the details of every moment…past, present, and future. 

Once we trust Him (and this can be difficult to do in the midst of loss), living in the moment becomes a true joy. 

Ask God to help you to live in the moment each and every day.

Lookup: Matthew 6:31-34

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