Learning to see “God-incidences” ~ Part 1

After my dad died, while I was growing up, I experienced three life defining moments. 

  1. I saw my mom be completely shattered due to her deep grief
  2. I saw my mom dramatically “come back to life” through a genuine love relationship with God and experience genuine hope
  3. My mom taught me to look for God in every situation in life and grief—she called these “Godincidences” and “teachable moments”

During the time I saw my mother come back to life, she became more and more excited about what God was going to show her…and accomplish through her each and every day.

I saw firsthand how my mom was very intune with God. Many times, she would feel as though God was telling her to do something very specific some mornings…such as prepare a large meal that day—and sure enough, people would unexpectedly show up at our house the very same night to visit our family and would eat dinner with us EVERY SINGLE TIME! It was really cool to see her praying specific prayers, and allowing God to lead her, and then see God specifically answer her heartfelt prayers.

Although I didn’t genuinely know God until I was 18 years old, I truly believe witnessing my mom’s great faith…and seeing all God did in her life while I was growing up…planted the seeds for me to trust God later on.

I love that my mom actively showed and taught me how to look for God, learning how to see “Godincidences”—coincidences in life that have God’s loving hand in an entire situation. Today, in my own life, I absolutely love when God creates these divine appointments where I can clearly see His hand in particular situations.

A few nights ago, I got to experience two Godincidences. A few months back, I experienced another big Godincidence.

I can’t wait to share with you in my next blog post about these three very special situations.

Stay tuned!😄

Gratitude & blessings,


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