Learning To See “Godincidences” ~ Part 2

Like I shared in my last post, I love that my mom actively showed and taught me how to look for God while growing up and learning how to see “Godincidences”–Godincidences are basically coincidences in life that clearly have God’s loving hand in a situation.

I absolutely love and enjoy seeing God create these special “divine” appointments in life where a higher plan…or a specific prayer request that gets answered in a cool way…can be seen in everyday life.

Several nights ago, I got to experience two Godincidences~

I had absolutely no plans to go grocery shopping. I had had a very long day and I was planning on just relaxing at home with my family and our dogs. Little did I realize that I would need something at 9:30pm at night…and as I called my mom on the way to the grocery store to see if she needed anything, she offered to come along with me. Little did we both realize that God set up not one, but TWO divine appointments at the store for us!

The 1st Godincidence~ I had prayed earlier in the day for God to allow a few specific people to come across my path. Guess what happened? 10pm at night…yep! I ran into both people…people I hadn’t seen in MONTHS! Without going into details, we had a great conversation that led to an amazing answered prayer!

The 2nd Godincidence~ My mom had attended a funeral earlier in the day. The pain from the funeral was so strong that she was telling me all about it at dinner earlier in the evening. As my mom shared with me how heartbroken the young man’s mother was at the funeral, my heart truly went out to the sweet mom who had lost her only child. I prayed at dinner—unknown to my mom—that God would allow me to meet this young man’s mother. Unknown to me, my mother had prayed that she would have an opportunity to talk to the mom (who she barely knew) again, too. Guess who was at the same grocery store at 10:30pm at night, after I had talked to the other 2 people. Yep! You guessed it…the young man’s mom.  My mother and I had a very good conversation with the mom and was able to offer her encouragement, a listening ear, and some much needed compassion and love.

What are the odds that we would see a mom…who had just buried her son earlier in the day…at the grocery store at 10:30pm? And what are the odds that we would also see two friends…who I hadn’t seen in months, as well? Especially since neither my mom or I had any plans to go to the grocery store whatsoever!

These are complete Godincidences…life encounters pre-orchestrated by God.

Have you ever had the incredible opportunity to experience a Godincidence? If you have, you totally understand how cool it is when it happens. If you haven’t, I wholeheartedly encourage you to ask God to experience a Godincidence of His choosing. They’re completely life changing…and it is always super cool to see God at work!

I’ve never had two prayer requests answered in one day. I’m thankful God placed both requests on my heart so I could see Him at work and allow Him to use me to encourage others through two different situations!

The 3rd Godincidence~ My family, some of my extended family, and I were on vacation and the hotel we stayed at didn’t have a safe in the room. We all decided to put all of our credit cards, cash, airline tickets, theme park tickets, wallets, and drivers licenses in the backpack as we all went swimming. Everybody’s cameras, phones, and a video camera was in the backpack as well.

After swimming, while on our way back to the room, everyone in our party realized that nobody had gotten the backpack. After quickly running back to the pool, we discovered the backpack was gone.

We all felt sick, as the airline tickets and theme park tickets were all nonrefundable…and we couldn’t even board an airplane without our drivers licenses anyway.

It was a several thousand dollar mistake, as there were nine people in our party.

For the next two days, everyone in our party prayed fervently that whoever had the backpack would feel convicted to turn it into the front desk at the hotel. To be honest, some of us didn’t think it would happen after it didn’t happen the first two days.

The morning of the third day, the hotel told us that someone had turned our backpack in. As we looked in the bag, everything was in there. The only difference was that the cash had all been in increments of $20 dollar bills…and one of the twenties had been broken and replaced with a $10 bill and two $5 dollar bills.

We were all very grateful God answered our prayer just in time to save our vacation we had all saved our money up for.

Has God ever answered a prayer in a unique way? Have you ever experienced a cool Godincidence?

I have several more I could share…I’ll wait for another time to post some of the coolest ones.

Look for God in the details this week. He is definitely there!

Gratitude & blessings,


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