Grief & Gratefulness

Going through intense heartache made me a huge advocate of intentionally developing gratefulness into my heart during times of grief.

After a very good friend of mine and my sister died 3 weeks apart from each other, I sunk into a deep depression.

After seeking God for His help, He placed it on my heart to write letters to anyone who had made an impact in my life…God, parents, siblings, family members, selected friends, pastors, Sunday school teachers, school teachers (Kindergarten-12th grade), college professors, coworkers, my former ballet teacher who had taught me many years and had given me discounted lessons after my dad died, former coaches…basically everyone who had significantly poured into my life.

I wrote each person a letter, telling them thank you and sharing with them how they had made a difference in my life.

Doing this, made a huge impact in my life and dramatically eased my depression.

Several of my former teachers and college professors even wrote back and shared that I was the only student who had ever thanked them in their teaching careers.

The impact of this caused me to develop true gratefulness in every area of my life…and made me want to show gratefulness to my loved ones on a frequent basis.
I also developed the habit of thinking of 5 people & 5 things I was grateful for every morning & night.

Today, if you are struggling through grief, consider writing thank you notes to all who have made a difference & an impact in your life.
Think of 5 people & 5 things you are grateful for every morning & each night.

Give thanks every day to God for everyone & all the good remaining in your life!

A grateful heart can do wonders & bring healing to a grieving heart!

Give thanks & develop gratefulness starting today!

Gratitude & blessings,

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