Overcoming Regrets

Ever had a regret?
How about a regret so strong that it seemed to alter your life?

Majority of people can answer, “yes,” to the first question…we all have some form of a regret.
Some, unfortunately, can answer, “yes,” to the second question.

Regret can do a real number on you. It can keep you up at night, make you want to isolate or continually punish yourself, or in really bad cases, it can sink you into a deep depression.

Realistically, what CAN you do about debilitating regret(s)?

~You can’t change the past but you can learn from it and change your future.

~You can choose to be kind to yourself and realize you probably didn’t do better at the time because you may not have known any better at the time.

~Realize hindsight is always 20/20. If you had the ability to have looked into the future to see the consequences and heartache you were about to cause others or yourself, would you have still done whatever it is that caused your regret? Of course you wouldn’t have. But, you didn’t realize the impact of your decision so you made a poor choice. You’re human. You’re fallible. We all are. Learn from your past mistakes. Show yourself and others compassion.

~Realize that regrets are not there to punish you…they are there to help you to grow as a person, and to ultimately prevent you from making future mistake(s).

~Understand that every mistake made in life is an opportunity to learn and to grow. There are major opportunities to grow through guilt and regrets…use guilt and regrets as a catalyst to catapult you to a higher standard for yourself. See and realize the potential in yourself to grow through times of guilt, regrets, and disappointments.

~Do whatever it takes to create a better life. Regret is a powerful motivator to not repeat the same mistakes or poor decisions. When we choose to make better decisions, a better life then has the potential to fully open up.

~Regrets allow you to understand yourself and others at a much deeper level. It is very refining. Allow regret to refine you, not define you. Failure and mistakes are not who you are…they are simply what you have chosen to do. The good thing is this: we all have the ability to choose to make better choices each and every day. Nobody ever has to stay stuck as long as they have the amazing power of CHOICE.

~Each day, we are afforded the opportunity to make brand new decisions…tons of them. Regret opens the doorway to understanding that each choice we make…even the smallest choices…are opportunities to grow in wisdom and understanding.

We would all probably love to go back in time and choose differently. Like I said earlier, “Hindsight is always 20/20!”
Beating yourself up day in and day out will not change the past. It takes being proactive to overcome the past and past regret…and it is worth it to do your self-work to do so!

If you’ve wronged someone, clear your conscience and make it right.
Say sorry…Forgive yourself…Rid yourself of bitterness towards others and yourself…Do better in the future…Allow your loved ones to learn from your experiences and teach them how to not make the same or similar mistakes.

We are all here to learn, to grow, and to better ourselves each and every day. Regret attempts to stop that process and it’s our job to overcome regret so that we can learn, grow, and better ourselves once again.

Today, if you are battling regret, come up with a plan to make things right and then let it go.

Ultimately, God is who has helped me to overcome the regrets I’ve had in my life. Ask God to heal your heart and to empower you to do better from this day forward.

Gratitude & blessings,


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