The Doors & Windows of Grief & Loss

Sometimes, grief comes in the form of losing a prized goal, dream, or a treasured relationship. 

A door will close and will cause deep feelings of loss. You may even feel as though you have lost your way. 

When God closes a door, don’t try to “pick the lock.” 

Attempting to force a closed door open delays where God desires to guide and direct you. 

Sometimes God closes a door so He can open an unexpected window. 

He often will give the view of a window because it offers a different view (as well as an alternative perspective) that you might have missed seeing at ground level. 

Windows can be BLESSINGS in disguise. 

When we seek God first and foremost, and keep Him first place in our lives and obey Him, we are guaranteed to be in His perfect will. 

Trust God to fulfill your life purpose and to open the doors He has predetermined to open for you. 

It’s not always easy to accept a door that has closed, but trusting God to open another door or window that He sees as best will offer a view…and future…you presently cannot comprehend. 

Today, ask God to guide and direct your paths and to only open doors that will truly bless your life. Ask for the grace and wisdom to know which doors to keep closed. 

(Lookup Proverbs 3:5-6, Matthew 6:33)

©2014 Kim Niles/Grief Bites. All rights reserved. (from the YouVersion Bible reading plan, Grief Bites:Finding Treasure In Hardships)

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