What If….

“What If” are two of the harshest words known to a griever, followed only by the ultimate harshest words, “If Only.”

Going through grief, guilt, regret, and hardship can be excruciating…it can totally weigh a person down.

Something I’ve learned through intense grief is that the decision to love living life again has to be a daily choice. It’s not an easy choice sometimes but it’s a choice that is vital to make each and every day.

Today, choose to exchange the negative meaning of “What If” for a positive reflection of those two words.

“What If” can hold good meaning, too—life changing meaning!

  • ❤️💕What if, TODAY, you begin to actively choose to dwell on the positive instead of any negative
  • What if you choose to see all that is good & right about life, your child, spouse, family, and friends instead of what was/is bad or wrong
  • What if you choose to give someone grace instead of judging or holding a grudge
  • What if you choose to reach out to someone you know you hurt instead of ignoring them or the situation 
  • What if you choose to reach out to someone you know who is hurting from deep grief…or allow someone to encourage you
  • What if you choose to forgive yourself and see your true value
  • What if you choose to bless someone with encouragement, kindness or love
  • What if you choose to do whatever you need to do to create a new life—not forgetting your former life or loved ones, but learning from the past and building your life up so you feel joy every single day
  • What if you choose to seek God, reconcile with Him, accept His overall plan, & delight in Him with all your heart—regardless of life’s difficulties?

Life is an uphill battle…and grief can make it feel as though you are carrying a huge backpack of heavy rocks.

Begin, starting today, to let go of the heavy burdens you have been carrying…one rock at a time.

Be kind to others and yourself!
Every time you feel yourself thinking a guilt-filled, “What If,” turn it around and seek to learn all you can so you can do better from this day forward. 

What if you look back one year from today and see how much life has changed for the better—all because you changed the negative meaning of “What If” into a positive one?

Gratitude & blessings,


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