Finding Passion & A Love For Life After Grief~Part 1

Anyone who has experienced deep grief understands how much life changes once grief hits.

Life goes from being lived in color, to being instantly, starkly faded to a black, gray, and white existence.

Whether it’s the death of a treasured loved one, the death of a relationship, disability, or any other loss, life becomes something just to “get through” during the first several weeks, months, or even years.

I remember life being instantly changed the month I lost a good friend (my middle sister’s fiancé)…and then losing my oldest sister a few weeks later.

Life was very, very fun before these two major losses occurred…and then the “lights” of life seemed to shut off. 

When life suddenly throws a grief situation at you, life becomes pitch black. It’s a struggle to do day-to-day life and it takes a lot of work getting life’s “light” to turn back on. There are times during grief you may even wonder if that’s even possible!

How do you go from “pitch black” back to “light” in life? How do you navigate through deep grief to get life to be back into vibrant color once again?

A lot of reflection. A lot of work. And feeling a lot of grief and emotions you don’t like to go through and feel. The very thing you hate (grief) is the very thing you have to embrace to have the ability to get to the other side.

My sister’s death crushed me unlike any other grief experience I had ever faced. Not realizing how sick she was…she was only sick a few weeks…didn’t prepare me for her death. I never in a billion years thought she’d die!

The days, weeks, and months after her death left me incredibly depressed. It took me a while to figure out how to press forward and truly love and enjoy life once again.

My next blog post will share how I finally got my life back…and how I was able to smile, laugh, and vibrantly enjoy life with great passion—in spite of these two losses…and major past and future grief!

I’m looking forward to encouraging everybody with my next blog post!

Stay tuned….😄

Gratitude & blessings,


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