What Social Media Doesn’t Show

Social media is 90% highlight reels — all the best parts of each person’s life, marriage, family, children, career, holidays, celebrations, etc.

💋You don’t see the argument the couple had as they drove to dinner for #datenight. Let’s pray God’s blessings & protection for every couple we know.

🎄You don’t see the family conflict, a child’s pouting or fits, or all of the hard work that went into creating great memories before, during, or after the #familyfun or #holidays. Let’s pray for harmony and peace for each family.

🎥 You don’t get a front row seat to the hardest, toughest days of someone’s marriage, parenting, career, struggles, trials, grief, etc. Let’s do a better job of praying for the hidden heartache & struggles our family & friends are going through.

🏥 Some are battling illness and aren’t telling anyone except family…yet will post a #bestdayever pic — because they know their days are limited. Let’s pray for the health of all our family & friends.

🥰Some post a ton on Facebook…because they’re leaving a lasting #legacy – their Facebook page – and are making it a place their spouse, child(ren), & family can go back and read/see anytime they miss them. Let’s pray we all make amazing memories with our loved ones…memories worth remembering…and leave a true legacy.

👋You may see a #happycouple in a photo on Facebook/social media…and not even realize there is verbal, emotional, or even physical abuse or chronic adultery. Let’s pray for healing for those who are walking a lonely, hurtful road in their marriage…and healing for those who are hurting others.

🏖You may see a #vacation photo album on Facebook…and not realize it’s a couple’s last ditch effort to save their marriage…or a family’s “last” vacation due to illness or other tough circumstances…or a family majorly sacrificed & saved up for it. Let’s be so very happy people are able to go & enjoy their loved ones at cool places.

👑You may see a parent or spouse bragging about their child’s or spouse’s success…and not know the parent or spouse is proud because they helped their child or spouse overcome addiction or other heartbreaking circumstances…or they saw the hard work & sacrifices their spouse or child put into achieving their success.

👙You may see someone post about #gymday or show off their #abs…because they are seeking accountability. It may be due to trying to find significance. Perhaps they aren’t receiving support or encouragement at home. It could be that their health means a lot due to a loved one’s illness. It could be they’ve sacrificed a lot to gain their prized health. Let’s be proud of them & support them.

💰Someone may continually post about their MLM job or career…because their family members may depend on them…the products they sell may have significantly improved their life & they want to share their joy with others.

Does this mean people are fake…that Facebook is a Fakebook?
Nah. It means we are all doing the best we can…trying to make life the best it can be for (& with) the people we love best – one moment & one memory at a time.

As you scroll through Facebook (or any social media) this week, say a prayer for the family & friends you see. Encourage them. Sincerely compliment them. Tell someone you love them and you care.

Be unbelievably loving & kind to others. Forgive others.
Put yourself in other’s shoes.
Look at life and all situations through not only your perspective, but also each of your family & friends’ perspectives.

You just don’t know – and in some cases, can’t even comprehend – what majority of people are going through.

We’re all going through something.

Let’s celebrate all of the best moments – all of the “highlight reels” of our & our loved ones’ lives – and realize this:

Love is always the answer…and your love can make the most incredible difference in the hearts & lives of those around you…especially your family. There are a ton of opportunities on social media to go beyond the surface and look deeper so we can love & encourage our family and friends daily.💕


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