10 Daily Truths

We each have an incredible ability to overcome obstacles in life. Overcoming relationship obstacles and life difficulties is a privilege…but to do so, we each have to face, understand, and own 10 daily truths:

1. Nobody has life figured out- Life is a work in progress. Every day is a unique opportunity to learn and improve.

2. Everybody makes mistakes- Everybody does something at some point that they wish they hadn’t done. Be the mercy today to others that you will want to receive tomorrow.

3. Everyone has been deeply hurt or betrayed…and everyone has deeply hurt or betrayed another person- Two of the most powerful words you can say is, “I’m sorry.” What would the world look like today if everybody took responsibility for the hurts they personally caused? Who do you need to apologize to today? 

4. Nobody is perfect…There’s no such thing as the perfect person, marriage, child, friend, or family- Everybody puts their pants on one leg at a time. Everybody is equal. The people who appear to have it “all together” go through hardships, conflicts, triumphs, failures, etc. Some may have worked very hard to get to where they are at in life…and the same opportunities are available to everyone. Life is never perfect all the time…but it can be made better at all times. Life — up to this point — has been written in permanent ink, but God so mercifully offers each of us a fresh clean slate every single day to write on. You may have experienced the worst chapter of your life, but God truly can help you to write and create the best life possible when you ask Him to write the rest of your life story.

5. Everybody has had negative thoughts or talked bad about another family member, friend, fellow church member, neighbor, or co-worker at some point in their life…everybody- There’s always one person who thinks this isn’t true about them. All anyone has to think of is a typical holiday or a conflict they experienced. We are all fallible.

But…Anyone can make the choice today to:

6. Become the best possible person they are capable of- Today is the first day of the rest of your life! You have the amazing opportunity to choose each and every day what kind of person you’re going to be. You have the ability to choose to pursue a great life and success. You get the privilege of creating your best life every single waking moment. There’s only two relationships you are guaranteed to have…God and yourself. Spend time each day cultivating & improving both!

7. Learn new ways of navigating through relationships, grief, & life and to be thoughtful & PROACTIVE in preventing hurts & mistakes- We are so incredibly blessed to have so much information right at our fingertips! At any moment, we have the incredible opportunity to open a Bible (especially Proverbs) and read loving advice from our Heavenly Father. What a gift! The Internet also provides a full Bible you can read, and also contains many Christian websites that have a wealth of information and sermons for improving every facet of life. Utilize both! My favorites for sermons are http://www.saddlebackchurch.com and http://www.life.church — there are so many others though. Many local churches offer online sermons so check your church to see if they have any available. 

8. Choose to be a loyal, kind, thoughtful, productive, successful & compassionate person- Living a life where you improve your character and heart is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. It literally will improve every area of your life.

9. Choose to be the best parent, spouse, family member, & friend you personally can be…and seek out the right counsel/info/tools to ensure success- Again, what a treasure trove we have available to help us improve every relationship we have! We have trusted pastors we can talk to, family members and friends we can bounce ideas off of, counselors, books, etc. The internet also has so many fantastic articles and ideas for creating great relationships — and also has apps (like YouVersion) that have devotionals that are specifically for strengthening the relationships God is so good to bless us with. Life can really be painful. Loss and deep grief happen but God truly can use people and resources to help you get your breath back that life has knocked out of you. I do my best daily to live life to the fullest in honor of my loved ones who are still remaining & also in memory of my loved ones who no longer can.

10. Develop loyalty, empathy, communication, respect, honor, & genuine love for everyone God has placed in your life- Once people know better, they then have the ability to do better. Without developing good character, though, changes can be difficult to maintain. Character is like a muscle— you must use it everyday to keep up its strength. So choose each day — with God’s help — to develop the character, heart, relationships, and life you want. With God, all things are possible and all things are made beautiful!

Nobody is perfect so everybody deserves kindness & basic respect. There’s so much more to each of us than meets the eye.

Everybody is truly capable of GREAT things!

Be the best YOU that you can be and choose to treat others how you wish to be treated…it’ll most likely bring out the best in everyone around you!

Here’s to living the best life possible,

©2016 Grief Bites. All rights reserved.

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