To understand…

To understand the value of health…have someone who is going through major illness share what a struggle day-to-day life is like for them.

To understand the value of a holiday…talk to someone in the military who is away from family and family gatherings.

To understand the value of a parent…talk to someone who can no longer enjoy their parents or can no longer go to theirs for advice.

To understand the value of a child…talk to someone who is unable to have a precious baby or who has heartbreakingly had to bury their treasured child.

To understand the value of marriage or family, talk to someone who is a widow, or someone who lost their marriage or family…or never had the opportunity to have one.

To understand the value of God…talk to someone who doesn’t have freedom of religion or someone whose life has been radically changed and improved by Him.

To understand the value of grief…talk to someone who has endured struggles and major obstacles yet finally broke through to the genuine joy on the other side of heartache.

To understand any topic or luxury…talk to those who are either genuinely grateful for what they’ve learned, know, or have, or those who have to go without.

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